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Capricorn Birthday Greeting Card: Zodiac Wishes in Two Options (Sold Separately)

Capricorn Birthday Greeting Card: Zodiac Wishes in Two Options (Sold Separately)

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Celebrate the birthdays of your Capricorn friends with our unique handmade Two-Layer Basswood Greeting Cards. Each card is an exquisite creation, opening via two ribbons that elegantly tie the fold together.

Card Features:
- Capricorn Symbol Cut-Out:

- Striking Capricorn sign cut-out on the cover with a sophisticated brown backing.
- Cover tied to the inner layer using a stylish grey ribbon.

- Birthday Message Options:

1. **"Capricorn Strength" Card:**
- Inside engraved message: "Happy Birthday, Capricorn! Your strength lies in unwavering determination, practicality, and ambition. Here's to a year filled with continued success and fulfillment."

2. **"Classic Birthday" Card:**
- Inside message: "Happy Birthday."

Choose the card that resonates with the birthday person and send heartfelt wishes in a unique and meaningful way. These handmade cards are not just greetings; they're thoughtful keepsakes crafted with the essence of Capricorn energy.

- Capricorn Birthday Card
- Handmade Greeting Card
- Zodiac Wishes
- Two-Layer Basswood Card
- Brown and Grey Colors
- Capricorn Symbol Cut-Out
- Unique Birthday Messages
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- Stylish Ribbon-Tied Design
- Thoughtful Birthday Gift
- Determination and Ambition Celebration
- Special Capricorn Birthday
- Artistic Keepsake Card
- Choose Your Zodiac Message

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