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Festive Slate Coaster Sets: Holiday Elegance for Every Home (Sold Separately)

Festive Slate Coaster Sets: Holiday Elegance for Every Home (Sold Separately)

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Elevate your holiday gatherings with our exquisite 4" slate coaster sets, each meticulously designed and sold separately. Crafted for both functionality and style, these coasters are engraved with holiday designs and glazed for durability.

**Key Features:**
- **Premium Material:** Each coaster is made of high-quality slate for a sleek and sophisticated touch.

- **Unique Designs:** Four distinct sets, each featuring a charming holiday design: Snowman Scene, Christmas Tree Scene, Rustic Santa (Round Coasters), and Mountain Cabin Scene.

- **Basswood Holder:** Every set includes a laser-cut Basswood holder, providing a stylish and practical storage solution for your coasters.

**Set Details:**
1. **Snowman Scene:** Square coasters with an enchanting snowman scene, adding a touch of winter charm to your table.

2. **Christmas Tree Scene:** Square coasters featuring a festive Christmas tree scene, perfect for a classic holiday ambiance.

3. **Rustic Santa:** Round coasters with a rustic-style Santa design, bringing a timeless and warm feel to your space.

4. **Mountain Cabin Scene:** Coasters showcasing a mountain cabin scene, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere.

Ideal for both personal use and gifting, these coaster sets make a great addition to Christmas festivities. Limited stock available, so secure your favorite design now!

- Slate Coaster Sets (Sold Separately)
- Holiday Home Decor
- Festive Table Accessories
- Engraved Holiday Designs
- Christmas Gift Ideas
- Basswood Coaster Holder
- Winter Coasters
- Unique Holiday Hostess Gift
- Seasonal Entertaining
- Rustic Santa Coasters
- Christmas Tree Decor
- Mountain Cabin Theme
- Snowman Scene Coasters
- Elegant Table Setting
- Limited Stock Available

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