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Knight in Radiant Castle: 6-Layer Laser-Cut Art with Illuminated Windows

Knight in Radiant Castle: 6-Layer Laser-Cut Art with Illuminated Windows

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Introducing our mesmerizing 11x11" knight laser-cut and etched picture, a true masterpiece crafted from six layers of 3mm Basswood. Witness the enchantment as battery-powered lights illuminate the castle windows, casting a warm glow on the intricately designed scene within.

**Key Features:**

- **Six-Layer Design:** Each layer intricately cut and etched, creating depth and dimension in this stunning knight-themed artwork.

- **Illuminated Windows:** Battery-powered lights bring a magical radiance to the castle windows, enhancing the visual impact of the piece.

- **Fully Armored Knight:** On his knees, sword in hand, a fully armored knight is portrayed in a pillared garden area, capturing a moment of strength and reflection.

This unique piece is not just art; it's an immersive experience. Perfect for enhancing your home decor or as a thoughtful gift for medieval enthusiasts. Bring the glow of chivalry and valor into your space with our illuminated Knight in Radiant Castle.

- Knight Laser-Cut Art
- 6-Layer Basswood Picture
- Illuminated Castle Windows
- Medieval Home Decor
- Battery-Powered Artwork
- Fully Armored Knight Design
- Knight in Pillared Garden
- Intricate Laser Etching
- Unique Wall Art
- Enchanting Home Accent
- Castle Windows Glow
- Medieval Art Enthusiasts
- Gift for Castle Lovers
- Dimensional Knight Scene
- Limited Edition Laser Art

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